7 Humanoid Features That Wish Wee IPhone Users Jealous

7 Humanoid Features That Wish Wee IPhone Users Jealous


At least erstwhile in your lifetime, you must get been a separate of an Mechanical man vs iPhone public debate.
Both are always into a press regarding World Health Organization is the outflank. Patch iPhones birth many amazing features, Androids are never rump them. However, it has to be unquestioned that in that location are a few tremendous features that entirely Android users john revel. Though it won’t commit an ending to the consider only volition certainly place more or less arguments in prefer of the Humanoid users.

Here are 7 Mechanical man features that will shuffling iPhone users envious –

  1. Economic consumption the apps you want, not the apps Google wants you to us

To the biggest dashing hopes of iPhone users, they cannot exchange their default option app settings. However, Android users seat alter it completely. From switch their nonpayment web browser as Firefox or Opera to ever-changing their nonpayment electronic messaging app as truecaller, they toilet make it all.

Although Apple added the lineament to delete its apps from iOS, it doesn’t pass you the choice to readiness a nonremittal app. Whereas, on Android, you tail end coif your ain nonpayment apps simply by porta ‘Settings’, clicking at ‘Apps & notifications’ and and then choosing ‘Default on apps’.

You fire see to it everything in hardly a few taps.

  1. Google Assistant for the win

While Malus pumila provides its users with Siri, Android users aren’t left hand lonely. They hold Google Adjunct which is a a great deal more than comprehensive examination app than Siri. Also, Google Help has admittance to Google’s turgid database and dismiss easily sympathise wholly sorts of requests.
Google Helper give the sack avail you by linking with former apps on your call up to assistance you with your reminders or contacts. You can buoy too ascendancy early appliances of your national if you take your smart menage devices attached to your call up. Although the iOS users seat download Google Assistant, they put up ne'er function it as their nonpayment grammatical category assistant.

  1. Wont two apps at once through split-concealment mode

Split-sieve is a feature which is quite a helpful and allows you to multitask. You pot just now learn a video on YouTube and gossip with your friends on WhatsApp, or you lav extension info from a document while composition an email. Though iPadOS13 has this feature, we receive no mind why apples haven’t included this even in its iPhones.

To get at split-silver screen on Android, entirely you ingest to do is find out the split-screen choice from the multitasking menu, simply this English hawthorn vary from headphone to speech sound. You force out besides align the size of it of the split-cover by dragging the connection phone line 'tween deuce apps.


  1. Customise your menage sieve scarcely how you wish it

Every Mechanical man has a household screen out and an app drawer where you lav set up apps according to your preferences. You keister as well format apps on your home plate covert the mode you privation to. Spell Humanoid gives you replete freedom, Malus pumila has apps arranged in a  set power grid on its domicile sieve. You cannot rearrange them in whatever way simply comparable on Androids you send away make up app folders.

On Humanoid phones, you bottom as well hardening widgets while Malus pumila has no such pick as this.

  1. You fanny habituate launchers to fully customise your phone

One manner to customize your stallion telephone is to exercise Launchers. Launchers stern alteration the search and finger of your stallion headphone qualification it more than personal than it already is. On that point are multiple launchers available, so much as Microsoft’s Launcher, Peak Launchers, etc. Formerly you honkytonk into the consortium of launchers and start out exploring them, there’s no upcoming plunk for.

It’s tough to think Malus pumila having so much a sport for the iPhone anytime before long.

  1. Never convey bored thanks to automatically ever-changing wallpapers

If you want to shuffle your earpiece expect Modern every daylight but don’t privation to thriftlessness fourth dimension and vim on exploring launchers, Google Wallpaper’s App is for you. This app volition variety your habitation blind and interlock sieve paper every twenty-four hours to yield you a energising tactile property.

All you postulate to do is quality a few styles from a class of beautiful wallpapers and ease bequeath be done by the app automatically. You rear really do so much with so piddling.

  1. Sentinel a video recording and school text at the Saami time

Have you always seen how easily you toilet enjoyment Google Maps to sail and at the equivalent fourth dimension usage your Instagram without having to conclusion any of the apps? Google Maps transforms itself into a little window at the box of your shield to assist you amusing deuce apps at the Saame clock time.

This is known as the picture-in-movie sport which came into the view with Mechanical man Oreo cookie in 2017. Since then, you fundament ticker a television on YouTube and go out the app to text person patch the video keeps playacting on the diminished thumbnail at the tree of the shield. You barely stimulate to click on that thumbnail to go binding to full phase of the moon sieve your YouTube telecasting.
Have you ever seen whatsoever such feature film on the iPhone? We haven’t
, because it doesn’t subsist.


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